It all began in 1993 when Yves Reberga, a former tanner from Mazamet, decided to change careers

several decades of work in hide tanning. The reflection is quick: "From the skin to the leather bag, there is

It's just a step. »

The location was quickly found at 13 rue Alquier Bouffard in Castres. All that's left to do is decide on the name

of the new store. It is on " Noix d'Arec " that the final choice is made. This nut, fruit of the betel palm

Areca catechu is used for the preservation and transformation of hide into leather. This name is perfect because it makes

the transition between his old life as a tanner and his new life as a leather goods maker.

The first store was inaugurated on August 13, 1993, and it seems that the 13 or even the 3 are powerful good luck charms

for Yves. It was a quick success. Noix d'Arec was then imported as far as Albi and then in the centres

in the outskirts of the two Tarn towns.

Yves & Christel

17 years later, in 2010, Yves Reberga decided to retire

and to pass the torch to his daughter Christel.

Here's another success for him:

Keep the business in the family.

Following in her father's footsteps and wanting to bring her own touch, Christel decided to move to Montauban in

2012 and Toulouse Blagnac in 2022.

Still in the vein of the number 13, Noix d'Arec set out to conquer the internet in 2013 with the opening of its

first online store. Unthinkable for Christel to move away from the family, it's her own brother, Olivier,

emeritus webmaster who builds the site.

With 30 years of experience in leather goods, luggage and accessories, Noix d'Arec makes sure to surf on the

latest trends and stays on top of fashion trends.

Today, you can find us in 4 major cities and 9 physical stores.