About Us


On August 13, 1993, Noix D'arec first shop opened in Castres.

After several decades of tanning work , Yves Reberga transformed himself into a shopkeeper.

Noix d'Arec company will soon open other shops in downtown and in shopping centers from Albi to Castres.

Yves Reberga retired in 2010 and his daughter and her husband, Christel and Ivan Aizes, succeeded him at the management of the company.

Noix d'Arec's last shop opened in July, 2012, in Montauban, it is the ninth shop of the company.

After 20 years of experience in leather goods and accessories and an accute sense of fashion, Christel and Ivan Aizes, with the help of a Webmaster, Olivier Reberga, decided to open their first online shop.



This question is asked countless times in our stores !

Noix d'Arec, known as Areca nut in english, mistakenly called betel nut, is the fruit of the betel palm tree Areca catechu. It is full of tannin and is used for the preservation of skins, the transformation into leather.